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WAVECREST DTS has long been recognized for producing some of the fastest test equipment available for the debug, characterization and production test of high-performance, high frequency devices and circuits.

This tradition continues with the release of the DTS-2079 Communication Signal Analyzer. The breakthrough DTS-2079 analyzer is the first to achieve the important 3.2 Gb/s speed threshold. The DTS-2079 is particularly useful for the analysis and debug of high-speed communications devices, boards and systems.


Timing Characteristics:


Frequency Range

0.4Hz to 1.63GHz

Maximum Data Rate


Download the DTS-2079 Product Manual

Download the
GPIB Manual

Minimum Pulse Width


Jitter Noise Floor

< 6ps rms (3ps rms typical at cal frequency) (1)

Jitter Measurement Accuracy

< 2ps (2)

Hardware Resolution


Time Measurement Range


Frequency Measurement Range


Time Base Accuracy


Time Base Stability (Short Term Aging)



Voltage Performance:


Input Range

±1.1V(50_ load)

VREF Accuracy

±(1.5 mV+0.75% of setting)

VREF Resolution


    (1) Jitter Noise Floor is the minimum Jitter measurement that can be made. This measurement is an accumulation of several jitter frequency components and their effect on the measurement in question. The Jitter Noise Floor measured in the Frequency domain is less than 1ps. (2) Jitter Measurement Accuracy is a function of the hardware's measurement repeatability.

Specifications subject to change without notice.



External Arming - Used for synchronizing a timing measurement to an external pattern generator for examining timing issues at a particular point in time. Supports edge triggered arming and gated arming (window arming).


Automatic Arming - Used for serial data streams and clock signals that repeat indefinitely. This feature is critical in enabling clock-less data signal analysis.


Internal Sampling Oscilloscope - Used for identifying signal characteristics that are present at the channel input. The oscilloscope has an effective sampling rate of 100GHz.


User Programmable Subroutine Memory - Used for developing production and characterization scripts to enhance throughput and measurement time.


Built-In Internal Calibration - Used for self-calibration of internal hardware. External reference ports accessible on back panel for accuracy verification.


Built-In External Calibration - Used for timing and voltage deskew of cables, probes and other interconnect hardware.


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