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Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Request

When your equipment needs to be returned to the WAVECREST DTS Corporation factory, we ask that you complete the following form. This will allow us to quickly provide the current status of your transaction and other related information, such as the work performed and any associated costs.

Once we have received this information, we will assign and provide to you an RMA tracking number for your shipment. Be sure to provide a contact name and phone number or e-mail address. This number should be referenced on the shipment and associated documents.

If you have questions regarding the information requested on this form, please contact WAVECREST DTS customer service at (952) 831-0030.

This form will be sent electronically, or you can print it off and fax it to (952) 831-4474.

Customer Information:
Company Name:
PO Number: 
Bill To

Ship To: 

Contact Name: 
Tech Contact: 
e-Mail Address: 
Tech Phone
Device S/N: 
Nature of Repair: 
Calibration   Repair   Upgrade
Model #:  

Estimate Required: 
Yes   No 

Exceeding $ .00  

Failure Symptoms in Detail: 
Please pack systems appropriately to protect them during shipping.
Shipping box and packing materials are available through WAVECREST DTS Corporation.


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